Discover the Midwest’s beauty…

Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin are major international travel destinations, especially for those who love the outdoors. With dozens of state parks, two national parks, three multi-state backpacking trails, hundreds of county, city and state natural areas, all chock-full of hiking paths, there’s plenty of places to escape. Two books series – Hittin’ the Trail and Headin’ to the Cabin – cover this scenic region of America.

5982108 gooseberry falls
Gooseberry Falls State Park

Hittin’ the Trail
Hittin’ the Trail is the only complete guidebook series to great day hiking trails at popular national, state, county and city parks. Each book allows you to select a trail that best fits your interests and abilities, plan a day of fun family-friendly activities, and more!

Headin’ to the Cabin
The Headin’ to the Cabin series focuses on trails close to communities where cabin-goers frequently stay. The trails are short enough that you can spend just a couple of hours on them, so you can enjoy a leisurely day with plenty of time to do other stuff – or even sleep in the day you plan to hike!

Lily Pond Pothole
Minnesota Interstate Park

Books about Upper Midwest trails include:


Northeastern Minnesota
An indispensable Headin’ to the Cabin guide to anyone who owns or rents a cabin on or near the North Shore, Arrowhead and St. Croix river area. Six counties are covered, including Carlton, Chisago, Cook, Lake, Pine and St. Louis. BUY NOW

Gooseberry Falls State Park
Many consider this thee crown jewel of Minnesota’s multitude of natural gems: a place where five waterfalls spill over billion-year-old rock, all within a mile of one another, where both incredible vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake and paths past an array of sweet-scented wildflowers await, where you can traipse through historic handcrafted stone buildings or alongside a creek meandering about an evergreen forest. BUY NOW

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Located along Minnesota’s North Shore, Split Rock state park is an outdoor recreational paradise where you can hike the grounds of a historic lighthouse that for decades kept ships safe from jagged killer rocks, where trails offer fantastic vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake and take you along quaint pebble and cobblestone beaches, where easy walks pass strange volcanic formations formed in the violent rending of a continent more than a billion years ago. BUY NOW


Interstate State Parks
Few locales in the Upper Midwest match Wisconsin and Minnesota’s Interstate State Parks’ scenic beauty: a pristine blue river running through a gorge sided by black lava rock; fascinating multi-story sandstone formations; an utterly clear lake; extinct ancient riverbeds covered in ferns and wildflowers; glacial potholes that run dozens of feet deep. BUY NOW

St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
Imagine a land where you can walk through lush green forests and alongside crystal blue rivers…where you can lean against 200-year-old trees or feel the splash of hidden waterfalls…where you can retrace the steps of historic portages or watch bald eagle families soar overhead. BUY NOW


Northwestern Wisconsin
An indispensable Headin’ to the Cabin guide to anyone who owns or rents a cabin on or near the St. Croix River, Lake Superior and all points between. Nine counties are covered, including Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Polk, Sawyer, St. Croix and Washburn. BUY NOW

Barron County
Imagine a place of more than a hundred glacial lakes and trout streams, full of rustic charm and beauty in its farms and villages, all where ancient hills that formed 1.7 billion years ago stand as a backdrop. BUY NOW

Bayfield County
Explore a place where you can hike sandy beaches and enjoy fantastic vistas of the world’s largest freshwater lake, a place of towering pines that bald eagles fly over and black bears scamper beneath, a place where you can explore sea caves or hike across billion-year-old red rock. BUY NOW

Burnett County
Imagine a place of crystal blue waters surrounded by lush green forests, of friendly Mayberry-like villages, of skies graced by rare, elegant birds, some whose wings span up to seven feet. BUY NOW

Chippewa Valley
Discover the top trails of Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn and Pepin counties, where you can walk beneath rare giant conifers and across nearly 2 billion-year-old rock, where you can traipse the scenic routes of old railroad lines along majestic rivers that feed the Mississippi, where you can whistle while passing rustic trout streams and turtle ponds or pause in reverent silence by ancient effigy mounds. BUY NOW

Crex Meadows Wildlife Area
Walk among the remnants of an ancient ice age lake and past tens of thousands of rare and endangered birds gathered on their annual migration, all as you hear the howls of wolves and calls of loons in the distance. BUY NOW

Douglas County
Explore a region where you can hike miles of shoreline along the world’s largest freshwater lake or stand at the base of a 16-story waterfall, where you can retrace the steps of ancient portages or hike trails beside a scenic river popular with American presidents, where the beaches you traipse yield up bear tracks or the woods you cross take you past rare, delicious berries. BUY NOW

Polk County
Hike amid majestic evergreens and blue freshwater lakes, across 1.1-billion-year-old rock formed in the violent rending of a continent, past peaceful dairy farm pastures, over a landscape carved by a mile-high glacier, through small towns seemingly torn from the pages of yesteryear. BUY NOW

St. Croix County
Discover a place where a river plunges a fifth of the way down a 20-story canyon, where premier trout streams run through picturesque fields and charming woodlands, where bald eagles grace the skies and white-tailed deer graze at twilight, where prairies have been restored to look just as the pioneers saw them, where the Midwest’s largest earthen dam holds back a mighty waterway. BUY NOW

Sawyer County
Imagine a place where you can walk quiet paths lined with red-leaved maple and green-needled spruce, where grouse drum and dance in the wide open each spring, where osprey and bald eagles dip out of the sky upon eyeing a river fish, of trails that once were historic portage routes used by fur traders, of routes alongside a rapids-filled river now conquered by modern kayakers. BUY NOW

Washburn County
Explore a land where sun-dappled paths run alongside murmuring rivers, where trails retrace former rail lines past historic depots, where real carnivorous plants line your walking route, where a mile-high glacier shaped the hummocky forests around you, where any turn of the corner might reveal a majestic white-tailed buck or a tiny young porcupine sunning itself upon a rock, where bald eagles and osprey regally circle and swoop high above the trees. BUY NOW