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You’re visiting a national park but don’t have a lot of time. Maybe you’re just passing by or have only one day of your vacation to stop. What should you see, and how will youNational Parks cover KINDLE find those spots?

The Best Sights to See series ensures you make the most of your limited time. It details the must-see wonders at our most visited national parks and the best short hikes for enjoying them.

With the trails listed in these titles, you’ll never have to worry about missing waterfalls, inspiring mountain views, wildlife, incredible rock formations, or any of our national parks’ many great gifts.

Books in the series include:

Best Sights to See at America’s National Parks
More than 250 trails leading to the best that our national parks offers are described in this volume – from the soaring granite domes of Yosemite to the fantastic waterfalls and streams of the Great Smoky Mountains, from the pinnacles of our newest park to the tropical beaches of our most distant. UPDATED FOR 2019 – includes Indiana Dunes and Gateway Arch national parks! BUY NOW

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Imagine a place where several waterfalls tumble more than eight stories over ancient rock, where you can hike to a mountain vista offering 100-mile views, where countless streams and rivers rush over riffles and cascades through dense verdant forests, where you can traipse past historic pioneer buildings or stand in awe before a rare, majestic elk that haven’t been seen in these parts since George Washington’s time. BUY NOW

Grand Canyon National Park
The Grand Canyon rightly defies description. Most who see it for the first time say it reminds them of a majestic painting, appropriately suggesting it’s a place that only can be visualized by actually gazing upon it. This book marks the only complete guide to the parks’ great day hiking trails. BUY NOW

Indiana Dunes National Park
Stroll magnificent Lake Michigan beaches, scramble over towering sand dunes, explore mysterious marshes filled with carnivorous plants, amble about peaceful oak savannas, roam among migrating birds on their stopover, and traipse about historic turn-of-the-century homesteads. BUY NOW

Rocky Mountain National Park
Discover a land where magnificent peaks soar more than 2.5 miles high, where alpine lakes reflect snow-capped mountains and evergreens in crystal clear water, where blooming wildflowers fill meadows with color while towering forests shade sun-dappled paths, where rushing creeks and waterfalls are as common as driveways in the suburbs. BUY NOW

Voyageurs National Park
Explore a land where you can traipse beside massive ice age lakes and across some of the oldest known rocks on the planet, where you can hike through green boreal forests during the day and stare at the northern lights dancing against a velvet black sky at night, where you can watch moose graze in ponds and bald eagles soar overhead while gray wolves howl in the distance. BUY NOW